About The Chandlers

Candles Of Legendary Quality

The Legendary candle Company was established in 1989 and has been turning out Legendary Candles since day one. Owned and operated by Rebecca Hurst out of Wimberly, Tx. initially and now out of Plantersville, Tx. We have been hand making candles in Texas since our first day. Most of the people who hand make the candles where hand made in Texas themselves and we take pride in it.

Our Legendary Candles

For an in depth technical discussion on our materials and process Vs. those of the other guy, Please visit the You Breathe What You BurnĀ page. In short, we use only clean burning paraffin, wax dye, and essential oils. No additives, no extras, just good candle.

Our Staff

The Legendary Candle Company employs people from all walks of life. From veterans to single moms to average Joe, we have it all. All of our staff are trained, taught, and taken care of in house. We strive to provide staff service as good as our customer service, and that is always top notch.

Made In Texas

Our candles are all of course hand made in Texas. We are currently awaiting out accreditation from Go Texan but are very proud in the interim to say, We are made in Texas