Facebook Spotlight

The Facebook Spotlight Is Live

The Legendary Candle Company is excited to offer a place in our Facebook Spotlight Program to our wholesale customers big and small.  Once a week we will be posting 1 of our retailers to our Facebook Page for our customers and followers to see. We want to be able to drive sales to our retail locations using your existent network of repeat customers from all over the country.

What we need.

We require permission so we can post your retail;

  • Location Name
  • Location Address
  • Phone Number

We also need a picture of your retail location and you may submit up to 4 pictures of your storefront, displays, signage or logo with your request.

We schedule the spotlight on a first come first served basis and do not charge for the service. All you have to do is copy and fill out the form below and paste it to an E-mail. Then send it to b2b@legendarycandles.com with a picture or two attached.  You may submit more than one location from the same company as long as they all sell Legendary Candle products. But we ask that you submit each location separately.

Facebook Spotlight Form

I authorize you to use this information on The Legendary Candle Company Facebook page for the purpose of the Facebook Spotlight Program and only the Facebook Spotlight Program.

Company name:

Location Name I wish to Spotlight:

Location Address I wish to Spotlight:

Location Phone Number:

Company and/or Location Facebook Page to link to(Optional):

Authorizing Contact Name: